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Philippines Travel Article : Tagalog Phrases for Philippines Vacationers

Tagalog Phrases for Philippines Vacationers

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Before traveling to the Philippines you should learn at least some basic words or phrases to communicate with the people. Although most Filipinos speak English, there are some, especially in the remote areas who can’t speak it. Tagalog is a highly phonetic language. The words are pronounced as they are spelled.


1. Kamusta po kayo? How are you?

2. Mabuti naman po I’m Fine.


3. Anong pangalan mo? What’s your name?

4. Ako si John Smith. I am John Smith.

5. May asawa ka na ba? Are you Married?

6. May asawa na ako. I am married.

7. Dalaga pa ako. I’m still single (female)
Binata pa ako. I’m still single (male)


8. Saan ang banyo? Where’s the bathroom/toilet?

9. Nasaan ang elebeytor Where’s the elevator?

10.Saan ang pinakamalapit na tindahan? Where is the nearest store around here?

11. Saan ang pinakamagandang mall dito? Where is the best mall here?

12. Saan ako makakakuha nang Taxi dito? Where can I get a taxi here?

13.Saan ang pinakamalapit na simbahan dito? Where is the nearest church here?

14. Nasaan ang mabuting restauran? Where is a good restaurant?

Cab Riding:

15. Pakibaba ang metro. Please turn on the taximeter.

16. Heto ang bayad ko. Here is my fare.

17. Sa inyo na po ang sukli. Keep the change.

18. Pakibagalan lang ang takbo, mama. Mister, please slow down.

19. Mama, parang ang bilis yata nang metro mo. Mister, it seems like your meter is going too fast.

The Airport:

20. Kailangan ko nang Taxi. I need a taxi/cab.

21. Mayroon bang taksi na may metro? Is there a metered taxi?

22 Magkano ang taksi papuntang hotel? How much is the taxi fare going to the hotel?

23.Ma-traffic ba papunta sa hotel? Is there heavy traffic going to the hotel?

24. Papunta ako sa Domestic Airport. I am going to the Domestic Airport.

25. Matagal pa ba ang susunod na taksi? How long before the next taxi gets here?


26. Magandang umaga (po). Good morning (sir)

27. Magandang hapon. Good afternoon.

28. Magandang gabi. Good evening.

Common Answers:

29. Oo. (O-oh) Yes.

30. Hindi. No.

Common Expressions:

31. Talaga? Really?

32. Sige na! Go on!
33. Sandali lang. Just a moment.

34. Hindi bale never mind.

35. Ano po? What did you say?

36. Bahala na! Whatever happens, happen!

37. Maraming salamat po. Thank you very much.

38. Saka na. Later on.
Mamaya na. Later on (this day).

39. Siguro. Maybe.

40. Bahala ka. It’s up to you.

41. Toto`o ba? Is it true?

42.Tayo na (Tena!) Let’s go.

43. Kaunti lang. Just a little.

44. Tama na. That’s enough.

45. Paalam. Goodbye.

46. Gising na. Wake up.

Common Questions:

47. Ano ba ito? What’s this?

48.Ano ba iyan? What’s that?

49. Meron bang tsa? Do you have tea?


50. Meron bang kape? Do you have coffee?

51. Saan ka ba nakatira? Where do you live?

There are many other things to learn, but these will be helpful for your trip. Good luck and have fun!

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