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Philippines Travel Article : Six Great Philippines Festivals

Six Great Philippines Festivals

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The Philippines holds many festivals throughout the year. If you’re looking to make your Philippines vacation a little more special, consider taking in these great Philippines festivals.

These festivals are also called fiestas in the Philippines. The purposes ranges from showing gratitude for a good harvest to honoring saints. The tradition started 300 years ago during the Spanish colonization.

Moriones – celebrated in Marinduque on February 13-20

During the Holy Week, a significant Christian event, the people of Marinduque participate in the ritualistic fiesta called the Moriones. They wore warrior costumes, which are reminiscent of the Roman times when Jesus Christ was captured and sentenced to be crucified. The focal point of the Moriones is the conversion of the Roman centurion, Longuinus, when he pierced the side of Jesus. And this was followed by Longuinus’ beheading, because of his declared faith.

Pahiyas – celebrated in Lucban, Quezon on May 11-15

During summer, the town of Lucban, Quezon, celebrates so that they will have a bountiful harvest. Thus, they serve the kiping and other rice-based delicacies, such as suman. The kiping is a colored and almost transparent rice tortilla. Guests of the town are invited to taste and have their fill of all the foods that are available to everyone.

Santacruzan – celebrated nationwide in the month of May

The Santacruzan or Flores de Mayo is probably the most popular festival in the country. It is celebrated in almost all towns in the Philippines. It is celebrated to enact the time when Queen Helena and Constantine searched and found the Cross of Jesus Christ—thus the name “Santacruzan”. The main event of Flores de Mayo is a parade of the town’s most beautiful ladies. And the loveliest among these women is usually the “Reyna Elena” (“reyna” means “queen”).

Pinyahan – celebrated in Daet, Camarines Norte on June 15-24

The Pinyahan is the Pineapple Festival of the people of Camarines Norte. Obviously, the favorite fruit is the mouth-watering pineapple. During the Pinyahan, there will be a street presentation of the pineapple, along with art exhibits, sports competition, and cultural dances.

Sandugo – celebrated in Tagbilaran City on July 1-2

The “Sandugo” means “Blood Compact”, an ancient ritual of honorably sealing an agreement in which the leaders of the two parties pour some blood on one cup, symbolically stating that the parties are now of one blood, and have one goal. In Tagbilaran City, Bohol, the historic blood compact of a Bohol chieftain and a Spanish conquistador is commemorated in the Sandugo Festival. During this fiesta, there are carnivals, street dancing, martial arts competitions, and a beauty pageant.

Kadayawan – celebrated in Davao City on August 20-24

The Kadayawan Festival in Davao is meant to celebrate the many blessings that Mother Nature has endowed on this region. It is a whole week of celebration that involves exhibits, pageants, contests, and of course, a grand parade of floats. The three most celebrated blessings in Davao are the tallest mountain in the country, which is Mt. Apo, the most precious orchid in the Southeast region, which is the Waling-waling, and the fruit of the gods, which is the Durian.

Break out of the ordinary and embrace the Philippines experience by enjoying one or more of these top 10 Philippines festivals.

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