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Philippines Travel Article : Puerto Galera

Puerto Galera

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Puerto Galera

Puerto GaleraThe island of Oriental Mindoro is blessed with a benevolent climate and wondrous landscapes that staying in Oriental Mindoro is almost synonymous to staying in paradise. The climate is benevolent, because there is no extreme wet season and no intolerable dry season. This climate has allowed for lush and diverse vegetation. The people of Oriental Mindoro enjoy an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

The landscapes are fit to be captured in film or painted on canvass. Happily gurgling waters flow in rivers, intriguingly wild animals peep out of bushes and hospitable ethnic tribes warmly welcome visitors and tourists. This means that the tourist can traverse rain forests and mountain lairs and the tourist can enrich their cultural experience by visiting ethnic groups. The best feature of Oriental Mindoro is the wide array of beaches. Tourists may choose from the serene gray brown sands to the dazzlingly white sands.

The most charming of beaches of Oriental Mindoro is located in Puerto Galera. The harbors of Puerto Galera earned the accolade of being the world’s most beautiful and this is why Puerto Galera is called the Pearl of Mindoro. In Puerto Galera, one can swim in the warm crystal clear waters enjoy the waves. Or one can explore the several amazing dive sites. Some dive sites are perfect for those who are still beginning to take up the scuba diving and snorkeling hobby. And other dive sites are great for the seasoned divers.

As one plunges into the waters and adjusts the eyes against the gossamer curtain of seawater, one can see colorful coral gardens and fascinating rock formations decorating the sea floor. Then, one will be met by small schools of colorful trumpet fishes that glide near and far as if trying to communicate with the diver. On the sea floor, the diver will discover groups of crabs cautiously watching the human visitor. There are brightly colored shrimps and morays. And sea anemones lie peacefully.

To experience this marine paradise, one must get to Oriental Mindoro via the land or sea routes. If you are coming from Manila, you can take a bus that will take you to the Batangas City pier. From the pier, you can take the fast ferry boats that are bound for Calapan or for Puerto Galera. You can chose the Calapan ferry boat instead and take a jeepney that will bring you to Puerto Galera. If have your own vehicle, you may opt to use the roll-on-roll-off (RORO) ferry.

Once in Puerto Galera, one great place to stay is the Marco Vincent Villa, which is also known as the “villa by the sea”. This villa is in Palangan, Puerto Galera. The villa has elegant rooms furnished with a living area and a working table. Bathrooms have hot and cold showers. And there is also a swimming pool if you want to take a break from the salty seawater. Puerto Galera is a magical place in the Philippines. Everyone who is going to vacation in the Philippines should make it a point to visit Puerto Galera.

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