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Philippines Travel Article : 14 Items to Pack for Your Philippines Vacation

14 Items to Pack for Your Philippines Vacation

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Packing for any vacation can be a time consuming, hectic ordeal. Nothing is worse that arriving at your vacation destination and realizing that you forgot to pack something. Before visiting the Philippines, it’s good to know the climate and other information, so you can pack wisely.

Here’s a quick checklist of 14 items that you may want to pack for your next Philippines vacation.

  1. Lightweight cotton shirts
  2. Tank tops
  3. Shorts
  4. Jeans
  5. Loose summer dresses
  6. Camera and extra memory card
  7. Formal wear –for special occasion
  8. Dress shoes, comfortable walking shoes and flip flops
  9. Adapter for cell phones and hair dryer
  10. Insect repellant
  11. Sunglasses
  12. Hats
  13. Toilet paper (when using public restrooms)
  14. Flashlight (useful if you’re going camping or exploring caves)

Most Filipinos overseas coming back to visit have at least two suitcases because they bring “pasalubongs” (gift items) for their families, but if you’re a tourist, pack light that way you’ll have plenty of room for all the things you’re taking back with you.

Pack smart and you’ll have a very enjoyable time in the Philippines. Remember to check with the climate conditions before you go. While the Philippines are tropical, the climate varies from area to area and from time to time.

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