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Philippines Travel Article : Philippine Cuisine

Philippine Cuisine

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Philippine cuisine is a combination of Spanish, Chinese, Japanese and American influences. The early Filipino way of cooking was mainly boiling, steaming and roasting. They used herbs and spices found in all the islands to season their dishes. Rice is the staple food in the Philippines. They eat three big meals with rice and two little snacks in between.

They produced a variety of tropical fruits and locally grown vegetables. Aside from that, they also have fish, poultry and meat as part of their diet.

The Spanish settlers introduced the Filipinos into sautéing with garlic and onions and the use of vinegar and other spices in dishes such as adobo. This is a popular dish amongst foreigners and Filipinos alike. They also brought chili peppers and tomato sauce. These ingredients are used to make pork afritada and menudo. Through the years, the Filipino people improvised and added some other stuff to satisfy their palette.

The Philippines is famous for their pansit (noodles), eggrolls, and lechon (roast pig). These dishes are mostly found in birthday parties, fiesta, weddings, and Christmas parties. As with many good dishes, a lot of prep work is required for many of the popular dishes. While it’s time consuming, the end result is always a hit with everyone.

Pansit (noodles) were influenced by the Chinese. The Filipinos added their own twist and it’s quite delicious.

The Filipino eggrolls are the best. Whether you prefer the vegetable fillings or the meat, it is very good. If you haven’t had them, I’d recommend finding a Filipino restaurant or store near you to have some.

Although you might have Filipino cuisine in your country, nothing beats experiencing it firsthand in the Philippines.

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Philippine Cuisine : Philippines Vacation

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