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Palawan PhilippinesWhile every city race on to encrust itself in concrete, steel, and plastic, Palawan keeps the encroaching waves of modernization away, in order to protect the diverse and unique flora and fauna that have sought sanctuary in its islands. One of such Palawan islands is the Miniloc Island, where the El Nido Marine Reserve is located.

This vast Marine Reserve has a total of 96,000 hectares and it is characterized by diverse ecosystems. In one area, a tourist will be staring at dizzying limestone cliffs while in another area, a tourist will be walking in the midst of tall dipterocarps of the rainforest.

There is an area dominated by mangroves and their long finger-like roots lay claim to the swampy soil. Then, there is an area where a tourist can walk barefoot on the soft white sand and enjoy the multitude of aquatic life that live happily on the sea. A tourist may also take a dive and find coral reefs and manta rays. And, if lucky, one will be face to face with the sea cow, an endangered aquatic mammal which is endemic to the Philippines, and locally called “dugong”.

Aside from the Marine Reserve, the tourist can unwind in the El Nido Resorts by bathing in hidden lagoons or strolling on well-established treks of palm forests. The tourist may also join off-shore cruises and meet new friends. For the health conscious, fresh fruits are always served and aqua sports equipment can be rented. For people who seek a gustatory adventure, there is the Nido soup. It is a soup made of bird nests that are abundant in the islands.

To reach El Nido, Palawan, the tourist may take a charter plane from the Manila Domestic Airport and land on the mainland of El Nido. The plane flight will take two hours. From the El Nido mainland, the tourist will proceed to the Miniloc Island by taking a pump boat. The boat ride will take forty-five minutes. Thus, reaching the El Nido sanctuary resort will take only about three hours from Manila.

The tourist may choose which El Nido Resort to stay and find peace. One is in Miniloc Island and the other is in Lagen Island. In Miniloc, the tourist will find himself nestled securely in a cove and surrounded by towering limestone cliffs. In the Lagen Island, the tourist will be treated to the most significant bay sunsets. But whichever accommodation the tourist chooses, he will be assured of friendly service and a worry-free vacation.

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