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Manila PhilippinesBefore stopping by at the idyllic sandy beaches of Boracay or the cool pine scented land of Baguio, why not first stop over at the capital city of the Philippines, Metro Manila? If you truly want to enjoy everything that the Philippines has to offer then you must make sure that checking out Manila is part of your travel itinerary.

The sites that Manila offers tourists are many and varied that you would really have a difficult time squeezing in as many activities as you can in a weeklong stay. In fact, if you truly want to enjoy everything Manila has to offer, tourists are advised to spend a full month in the capital city of the Philippines.

If you’re worrying about travel expenses, don’t spend another moment’s thought about it because compared to other great cities like Tokyo, London or New York, which are all known to be a frighteningly expensive place to tour, your stay in Manila can be quite affordable without needing to sacrifice any comfort or luxury.

Accommodations For Your Philippine Travel

The first thing we have to take care of if you’re pushing through with your travel plans is deciding where you’re going to stay. If you have a Filipino friend and you think it’s possible to crash in at his or her house, then that would certainly be worth considering because living with a native is the best way to introduce yourself to the Philippine way of living.

If, however, you have no Filipino acquaintance, you can still choose among the scores of hotel scattered all over Metro Manila. If you plan to stay in Manila for weeks or months, you may also try living temporarily in an apartelle, which comes with a studio type unit that includes fully furnished bedrooms, kitchen, dining and living rooms. Or, you could also try renting out a unit in a condominium for your stay in the Philippines.

Where To Go In Manila

So, what do you prefer to see in Manila? Are you interested in places of cultural highlights or sites with historical significance? Do you want to watch performances of world-class Filipino artists? There are just so many places to go to in Manila that it’s hard to pick a few out of a hundred but we’ll certainly try.

If you’re heading to Manila for a visit, we encourage you to visit the following places – Intramuros (where the country’s national hero was once imprisoned), Makati (Manila’s very own city that never sleeps) and Ongpin, which is fondly known as Chinatown.

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