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Attention Philippines Vacation travelers, here is our latest listing of Cebu City hotels. We hope you find it useful when traveling to the beautiful Philippines.

Marriot Cebu City Hotel

The average price for a stay here is around $110 nightly. Generally, this is rated 4 stars by travelers. One of the features many like is the security of Marriot. This is more of a business hotel, but the security aspects appeal to many Philippines vacationers.

Parklane International Hotel

If you’re looking for a cheap Cebu city hotel that is still sophisticated in the Philippines, this might be the one for you. Plan to spend around $80 nightly. Expect your room to be fresh and more modern. One of the benefits is the location, which is just a short walk from Alaya Mall, which many tourists enjoy.

Montebello Villa Hotel

This hotel is fairly well liked with Philippines vacationers. It’s an old-style hotel with good food. Rooms might be a bit dated, but they are larger, which is a plus. The Montebello Villa is located in uptown Cebu City.

Hotel Fortuna

The reviews on this hotel are mixed. This is a smaller hotel thats in the oldest part of Cebu. Don’t expect too much here. Some love it, others hate it. Some guests have complained about ants, but we don’t know if this is a segregated or on-going issue.

Kiwi Lodge

This is a fairly cheap Cebu hotel with mixed reviews. Some like it and like the cheap price, but others feared their possessions would be stolen. It’s hard to say whether this is true or not. One thing we know (and this applies to anywhere really), always check your prices to ensure you’re paying the right amount if paying with your own country’s currency or something.

Crowne Garden Hotel

This is a cheap Cebu city hotel (about $40 or less nightly). With the average “good” hotel being about twice as much, this might serve tourists on a budget well. Crowne Garden Hotel has received many favorable ratings from guests, who think this hotel is very clean. Officially rated as a 3-star hotel, you might find it a perfect value for your money.

Waterfront Cebu City Hotel and Casino

If you’re looking for a little bit more, this hotel has a casino and is rated well. Expect to pay a little more than the average though (about $100 a night). This Cebu City hotel has 562 rooms and is located about 30 minutes from the Mactan Airport.

Raja Park Hotel

Last we looked there was a little renovation going on, so we’re not sure how good this Cebu hotel is. It does have a lounge with a live band and decent food. Also you can get a massage for about $11 an hour, which is a steal. Even though this might be a 4-star listing in some guides, our resources say it’s more like a 2-star, so it might be okay for the solo traveler looking for something inexpensive in Cebu City.

Crown Regency Hotel and Towers Cebu City

The Crown Regency and Towers has about 300 rooms and boasts an amusement center on top. As with many Cebu hotels, some guests have complained about the noise. The rooms do come with a mini refrigerator, but lack a mini-bar and safes.

Please check back for more Cebu City hotels. We aim to make your Philippines vacation the best ever.

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