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14 Items to Pack for Your Philippines Vacation

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Packing for any vacation can be a time consuming, hectic ordeal. Nothing is worse that arriving at your vacation destination and realizing that you forgot to pack something. Before visiting the Philippines, it’s good to know the climate and other information, so you can pack wisely.

Philippines Travel Article

When & Where to go in the Philippines

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The Philippine’s climate is tropical all year round. Although in some parts of the country some islands are cooler than the others. Here’s a quick breakdown of when it’s best to go to certain areas of the Philippines.

Philippines Travel Article

Cebu Looks to Attract Better Tourists

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Over at the travel news area of, there’s a news article about Cebu, which is a popular Philippines travel destination.

The article talks about how there’s a plan to change Cebu, so it can accommodate tourists who want better services and who have more money.

Philippines Travel Article

Philippines Travel Tips

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Nipa Hut PhilippinesFinally decided that you would want to travel to the Philippines? If you have it is best to take these traveling tips with you to make your experience have fewer hassles. Remembering these tips will greatly improve your chances of enjoying the Philippines.

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