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Eight Philippines Sights to See

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Puka Beach - Boracay - Philippines VacationThe Philippine archipelago is blessed with beautiful scenery, miles and miles of white sand beaches, a year round tropical weather, historical sights and structures to admire, underwater creatures and caves to explore, natural resources to treasure and wildlife to protect.

Philippines Travel Article

Corregidor Island Tours

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Corregidor - Philippines - PhilippinesVacation.orgCorregidor is this tadpole-shaped island 48 km west of Manila. This place played an important role during WWII. It’s where the American-Filipino soldiers fought so hard to keep the Philippines from falling into the hands of the Japanese. The defeat came in May 1942.

Philippines Travel Article


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Manila PhilippinesBefore stopping by at the idyllic sandy beaches of Boracay or the cool pine scented land of Baguio, why not first stop over at the capital city of the Philippines, Metro Manila? If you truly want to enjoy everything that the Philippines has to offer then you must make sure that checking out Manila is part of your travel itinerary.

The sites that Manila offers tourists are many and varied that you would really have a difficult time squeezing in as many activities as you can in a weeklong stay. In fact, if you truly want to enjoy everything Manila has to offer, tourists are advised to spend a full month in the capital city of the Philippines.

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