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Philippines Travel Article : Great Hotels in Boracay

Great Hotels in Boracay

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Great Hotels in Boracay

When you want a great vacation in the Philippines, the paradise island of Boracay is the place to go. The cool, clear, and shallow water is perfect for swimming and dipping. Friends can play any cook-up game on the water. The long shoreline covered with fine white sand is perfect for strolling barefooted or for getting that gorgeous tan. The weather is benevolent most times of the year, and the people are warm, friendly, and accommodating. The Filipino hospitality is definitely incomparable.

However, one should not expect five-star hotels in this island. If there are five-star hotels, the natural beauty of Boracay might be sacrificed for building such edifices. Still, there are many hotels in Boracay that offer luxurious accommodations. Combined with the famous white sand beach and the availability of equipment for various water sports, such hotel resorts provide the best vacation one can ever have. Here are some of the great hotel resorts in Boracay.

Lorenzo Grand Villas

The Lorenzo Grand Villas is a four-star hotel resort located at Sitio Cagban, Boracay Island. Built on a cliff, its location is literally facing the Caticlan Jetty Port in the main island of Aklan. That is why to reach this hotel resort, one needs only to go through a 10-minute boat ride. From Caticlan, one should reach the makeshift boat port called Boat Station 3.

The Lorenzo Grand Villa has 20 hotel rooms that are all spacious. Since the rooms are relatively few, one can enjoy an almost secluded vacation. Each room has a balcony. And when one stands on the balcony, on will be presented with an amazing view of the Boracay beach. Of course, each room is fully air-conditioned and furnished with the usual modern amenities such as the telephone, the satellite TV, the mini-bar with tea and coffee making facilities, and the safe where the tourist can protect his valuables. There is also a sitting area where the tourist can accommodate his new friends and guests. And each room has a hair dryer since getting wet and being invited to a party are almost unavoidable in Boracay.

Pink Patio Resort (Now called Patio Pacific)

The Pink Patio Resort is a three-star hotel resort located on the main road of Balabag, in Barangay Balabag. It is a three-story hotel resort that is near Boat Station 1. The White Beach is just a two-minute walk. And the Bolabog Beach is just a 7-minute walk. Why would someone go to Bolabog Beach? There are two great reasons. First is because this beach is the location of the enchanting Boracay Butterfly Garden, a place where one’s stress is simply taken away by butterflies. Second is because the beach is a great spot for wind surfing.

The Pink Patio has 60 fully air-conditioned rooms that are furnished with the usual telephone, cable TV, min-bar, and a bathroom with a bathtub. The Pink Patio’s hotel rooms feature Internet access. Such makes the Pink Patio ideal for the traveler-businessman. Outside the rooms, this hotel also provides banquet and conference facilities.

Nigi Nigi Resort

The Nigi Nigi Resort is a three-star hotel resort located right on the center of the White Beach. This beachfront hotel is Polynesian-inspired. That is, the hotel rooms are cottages that are constructed between the wonderful beach and the tropical palms.

The Nigi Nigi Resort has 21 pagoda-style rooms that are tastefully decorated with native handicrafts and fabrics. There is a balcony in each room that faces the gardens.

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Great Hotels in Boracay : Philippines Vacation

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