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Philippines Travel Article : Club Panoly

Club Panoly

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Club Panoly

In the six nights of stay in Boracay, one can also experience and dine in six distinct bar and restaurants. On one night, the tourist can be at the Bikini Bar and have cocktails while toasting the majestic sun as it colorfully struggles against its inevitable sinking from the horizon. On another night, the tourist can indulge in sumptuous meals while watching the fascinating play of lights reflected in the pool waters.

And still on another night, the tourist can satiate himself in original Filipino foods in a restaurant, which is overlooking the moonlit glittering sea. Tourists who are vacationing with friends can arrange barbecue parties that will make the resort dining experience more memorable. All these wonderful nights are possible at the Club Panoly Resort.

The Club Panoly Resort is located at a private cove found near the northernmost tip of the paradise island of Boracay. Reaching this favorite tourist destination can be done by plane and then by boat. And locating Club Panoly is easy since it is just 20 minutes away from the Boat Station 1 at White Sands beach.

Upon reaching Club Panoly, one will see that the whole theme of the resort is incredibly native. That is, each hotel room has its own romantic verandah and the windows are characteristically wide. But, inside of the hotel rooms, one will discover that Club Panoly is not entirely native and primitive.

The Club Panoly utilizes state-of-the-art facilities. The hotel rooms are grouped into 11 clusters with five octagonal cottages for each cluster. These clusters of cottages are spread over the 3 1⁄2 hectares. Each room is furnished with air-conditioning, refrigerator, mini-bar, cable television, telephone, and even a hair dryer. The tiled toilets and bathrooms have hot and cold showers. The water for these showers is provided by Club Panoly’s private desalination plant.

No matter how comfortable are the rooms; one should not keep oneself holed up. Of course, the guest must enjoy as many of the amenities as possible. The world-renowned White Sand Beach is just a few minutes walk or approximately 50 meters away. And on this beach, the guest can savor the warmth of the sun, can take delight at the cool, clear waters, or can simply sink his teeth in delicious and juicy barbecue while the gentle waves lap at his legs.

Better yet, one can rent snorkeling and diving gears to see what lies underneath the waters of this island paradise. Discover a different world or try extreme adventure by jet skiing or kayaking.

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Club Panoly : Philippines Vacation

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