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Palawan PhilippinesWhile every city race on to encrust itself in concrete, steel, and plastic, Palawan keeps the encroaching waves of modernization away, in order to protect the diverse and unique flora and fauna that have sought sanctuary in its islands. One of such Palawan islands is the Miniloc Island, where the El Nido Marine Reserve is located.

This vast Marine Reserve has a total of 96,000 hectares and it is characterized by diverse ecosystems. In one area, a tourist will be staring at dizzying limestone cliffs while in another area, a tourist will be walking in the midst of tall dipterocarps of the rainforest.

Philippines Travel Article

APO Island

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APO Island PhilippinesDumaguete City, in Negros Oriental is one of those places where one can spend a tranquil and slow weekend. But off the coast of Dumaguete City lies a tiny island, called Apo Island, which offers something far more adventurous. Cliffs of limestone circumscribe this Apo Island. These cliffs are towering and have an average height of 20 meters. Since the limestone cliffs are stable, they are perfect spots for climbing.

Philippines Travel Article

Explore Boracay

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Boracay PhilippinesWhen people hear of the island of Boracay, they visualize unbelievably clear waters that often reflect the blinding lights of the sun. People begin to anticipate the soft and fine white sand being dug by their toes as they bathe in sea and sunlight. People look forward to romantic strolls at the beach where the night sky is lit by an unusually large moon. And people are intrigued to the much-talked-about frenzied disco nights where the rules are simply dancing, singing, and having fun.

Philippines Travel Article


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Mindoro PhilippinesOccidental Mindoro has earned the reputation of being the Marine Wonderland of Luzon. The island of Mindoro is still part of Luzon. It is located about 15 km southwest of Luzon’s coast and Mindoro can be reached via the ferry boats that sail from the Batangas pier towards Calapan, Mindoro. If one is coming directly from Manila, one can take a plane bound for Mamburao or San Jose. The travel time is approximately 45 minutes.

Philippines Travel Article

Chocolate Hills

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Chocolate Hills Bohol PhilippinesOnce upon a time, there were two giants who began to throw stones and sand against each other. Their fight lasted for several days. Finally, when they grew tired, they decided to become friends and leave the island where they fought. They also left behind the mess, which is now called the Chocolate Hills.

This story is just one of the legends of the most famous tourist attraction in the island of Bohol – the Chocolate Hills. How this group of hills was created has been the subject of many debates.

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