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Fuezra de San Pedro

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Fuezra de San PedroIn the Pier area of Cebu City called the Plaza de Independencia National Park, one will find a small military defense structure that was originally built in the sixteenth century. This military structure is called the Fuerza de San Pedro. It was built by the soldiers of Miguel Lopez de Legazpi—the famous Spanish conquistador who tamed the chieftains of pre-Spanish Cebu. This city, after all, is the oldest city of the Philippines, and the first city established by Legazpi.

Philippines Travel Article

Club Panoly

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In the six nights of stay in Boracay, one can also experience and dine in six distinct bar and restaurants. On one night, the tourist can be at the Bikini Bar and have cocktails while toasting the majestic sun as it colorfully struggles against its inevitable sinking from the horizon. On another night, the tourist can indulge in sumptuous meals while watching the fascinating play of lights reflected in the pool waters.

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