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Dumaguete City

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Dumaguete City PhilippinesDumaguete City, in Negros Oriental is one of those places where one can spend a tranquil and slow weekend. But off the coast of Dumaguete City lies a tiny island, called Apo Island, which offers something far more adventurous. Cliffs of limestone circumscribe this Apo Island. These cliffs are towering and have an average height of 20 meters. Since the limestone cliffs are stable, they are perfect spots for climbing.

Philippines Travel Article

Puerto Galera

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Puerto GaleraThe island of Oriental Mindoro is blessed with a benevolent climate and wondrous landscapes that staying in Oriental Mindoro is almost synonymous to staying in paradise. The climate is benevolent, because there is no extreme wet season and no intolerable dry season. This climate has allowed for lush and diverse vegetation. The people of Oriental Mindoro enjoy an abundance of fruits and vegetables.

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Cebu : Pride of the Philippines

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Cebu PhilippinesIndeed, one of the most favorite travel destinations in the whole Philippines would be the majestic queen of the south, Cebu City. A city that is widely acclaimed for its mixture of urban and country tourist spots, no tourist should have a complete journey to Southeast Asia without paying a visit to Cebu.

Philippines Travel Article

Philippines Travel Tips

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Nipa Hut PhilippinesFinally decided that you would want to travel to the Philippines? If you have it is best to take these traveling tips with you to make your experience have fewer hassles. Remembering these tips will greatly improve your chances of enjoying the Philippines.

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Manila PhilippinesBefore stopping by at the idyllic sandy beaches of Boracay or the cool pine scented land of Baguio, why not first stop over at the capital city of the Philippines, Metro Manila? If you truly want to enjoy everything that the Philippines has to offer then you must make sure that checking out Manila is part of your travel itinerary.

The sites that Manila offers tourists are many and varied that you would really have a difficult time squeezing in as many activities as you can in a weeklong stay. In fact, if you truly want to enjoy everything Manila has to offer, tourists are advised to spend a full month in the capital city of the Philippines.

Philippines Travel Article

Cebu Travel Guide

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Cebu PhilippinesTo save time and money when you travel to Cebu, Philippines, it’s best to know beforehand where you plan to go and what you should do. Why waste money visiting sights that are of no use to you when you can go directly to travel spots that are highly interesting in your eyes? We are very much aware that time is precious and to make your Cebu trip can be as memorable as possible, here are several suggestions on where to go once you land in Cebu, Philippines.

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Once upon a time, there were ten enterprising Malay Datus (chieftains) who arrived at an island claimed to be owned by Aetas, dark-skinned and spear-toting fierce natives. Charmed by the fine sand beaches and the lush flora, the Datus wanted to own the place. Using their wit, creativity, and treasures, the ten Datus were able to buy the island. This historical event is known as the Purchase of Panay. And this is reenacted every year during the Ati-Atihan festival in Kalibo, Aklan.

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